Williams College of Business honors mentors

College is the only business school in the country to guarantee partnership with leading executives for networking | April 25, 2005

The Williams College of Business recently held a luncheon at the Cintas Center to honor Cincinnati business leaders who take time out of their busy schedules to mentor Xavier business students.

University President Michael J. Graham, S.J., greeted the 350 people in attendance and noted the tremendous growth of the mentoring program during the past year. He also thanked the mentors for helping Xavier students succeed.

The luncheon was organized by students who selected a mentor of the year as well as an outstanding faculty member of the year. Priscilla O’Clock, professor of accountancy, was selected by the students as the faculty mentor of the year. Tracy Chaplin, a finance manager at Procter & Gamble, was honored as the mentor of the year. Chaplin, a Xavier graduate, says she jumped at the idea of being a mentor at her alma mater.

Malekzadeh says the program continues to grow. So far, 300 mentors have been matched with business students. Another 700 are waiting to be matched.

“We are very grateful to several hundred executives who have volunteered to mentor our undergraduate and M.B.A. students, one-on-one, and assist them towards careers in business,” Malekzadeh says. “We are not only surrounding our students with world-class faculty and caring staff, but also with executive mentors to help them succeed in their future careers. Mentors are a critical link in placing our students in the most coveted positions in organizations.”

The college is the only business school in the country that guarantees every student that he or she is partnered with a leading executive to network and establish connections in the business world. It is not a traditional mentor program whereby a mentor counsels and nurtures a student on academic growth or personal direction. This program goes beyond these activities by initiating professional networking and career connections.

Many of the mentors are company presidents or CEOs, including A.G. Lafley, chairman, president and CEO of Procter & Gamble, Phyllis Adams, CEO of Professional Data Resources, Dave Pollak, president and COO of Cintas, and more. All the mentors have at least 10 years experience.