Professor honored as Ohio Academy of Science fellow

Award based on scientific, technological or educational contributions to society | March 31, 2005

Robert C. Baumiller, S.J., associate dean of health education programs and professor of philosophy and biology, is one of eight Ohioans and one Floridian named as honorary fellows of the Ohio Academy of Science.

Fellows have rendered some special service to the Ohio Academy of Science or have made extensive, productive scientific, technological or educational contributions to society.

“Election as an honorary fellow is the highest form of recognition by peers offered by the Ohio Academy of Science,” says Lynn E. Elfner, the academy's CEO.

Baumiller has published numerous articles, abstracts and papers on genetics and medical ethics and also published A Workbook for Pastoral Care of Individuals and Families with Special Needs.

He is a founding fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics, a member of the Ohio Department of Health, Ohio Connections for Children with Special Needs, on the board of the Bioethics Network of Ohio and a diplomat with the American Board of Medical Genetics as a Ph.D. medical geneticist and a clinical cytogeneticist. He is also affiliated faculty with the Kennedy Institute of Ethics and was appointed in 2002 by Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson to the national advisory committee on genetic testing.

Other fellows named by the academy are H. Thomas Bartlett, Tiffin Columbian HS, ornithology and habitat protection; William Stanton Foulks Jr, independent researcher, polymers; professor Ernest L. Hall, University of Cincinnati, robotics; Yung-Tse Hung, Cleveland State University, environmental engineering; David M Jarzen, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, paleobotany; Daniel W. Repperger, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, biomedical and electrical engineering; Thomas J. Rosol, Ohio State University, cancer research and research administration and Gabor Szekely, Bowling Green State University; probability, bioinformatics and actuarial science.