University receives $20,000 grant from PNC Bank

PNC grant supports leadership training program among Norwood, Evanston and Xavier | December 20, 2004

The Community Building Collaborative at Xavier University (CBCX) received a $20,000 grant from PNC Bank earmarked for neighborhood leadership development. The donation supports the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s $393,000 Community Outreach Partnering Center (COPC) grant awarded to Xavier just last month.

One of the goals of the COPC grant is to build the capacity of community leaders in Evanston and Norwood to achieve objectives and work together. The PNC grant will support three sequences of a six-month leadership training program among Norwood, Evanston and Xavier to develop a core of leaders who will work to understand the interdependency of their communities. The program will be supported by volunteers from Leadership Cincinnati Alumni.

“Evanston, Norwood and Xavier have not always appreciated how dependent we are on each other for achieving our mutual goals of maintaining strong, vibrant communities,” said Bryon White, director for CBCX. “The program will go a long way toward helping leaders from all three communities understand how to better work together.”

“The support that comes from PNC will help us become a more self-sufficient community,” said Sharon Muyaya, Evanston community council president.