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Popular German film is featured | October 19, 2004

Good Bye, Lenin

October 27, 2004

7:00 pm

WorldViews Lounge

October 1989 was a bad time to fall into a coma if you lived in East Germany - and this is precisely what happens to Alex's mother, an activist for social progress and the improvement of everyday life in socialist East Germany. Alex has a big problem on his hands when she suddenly awakens eight months later. Her heart is so weak that any shock might kill her. And what could be more shocking than the fall of the Berlin Wall and the triumph of capitalism in her beloved country? To save his mother, Alex transforms the family apartment into an island of the past, a kind of socialist museum where his mother is lovingly duped into believing that nothing has changed. What begins as a little white lie gets more and more out of hand as Alex's mother, who feels better every day, wants to watch TV and even leaves her bed one day…

In a wonderful, touching and comic manner, Good Bye, Lenin! tells the story of how a loving son tries to move mountains and create miracles to restore his mother to health - and keep her in the belief that Lenin really did win after all!

This film has received numerous awards in festivals around the world: Blue Angel Award for Best European Film Berlin 2003, 8 German Film Awards 2003, German Screenplay Award 2003, FIPRESCI Award Belgrade 2003, Premi Internazionali Flaiano for Best Foreign Language Film & Best New Talent Pescara 2003, Special Jury Prize & Youth Award Valladolid 2003, 6 European Film Awards 2003, Goya 2003 for Best Foreign Film, Best Non-American Film from the Danish Film Critics' Society 2004, César for Best European Film 2004

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