Students surrender their homes for a cause

Money raised during 15th annual Shantytown to benefit fund to help those coming out of recovery programs pay for new apartments | October 14, 2004

Approximately 20 crudely built shacks sprung up on the academic mall on Oct. 17 as part of Xavier’s 15th annual Shantytown. The five-day event began at 2:00 p.m., when students built and took residence in cardboard shanties where they live until Friday, Oct. 22.

With a theme of “People, Citizens, Neighbors without Homes,” Students hope to educate others about the plight of the homeless in Cincinnati and around the world. The event also raises money for the Drop Inn Center and the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless.

Money donated to the Drop Inn Center will be used to develop a fund for residents coming out of a six-month recovery program to help them pay for a deposit on a new apartment. This fund is the idea of student Shannon Hughes who worked at the Drop Inn Center as part of Xavier’s summer service internship program. She continues to volunteer there on a regular basis.

University clubs and organizations donate $50 to build a shanty. Students can contribute a meal from their meal plan, the cost of which is donated to the Shantytown fund drive. They can also buy t-shirts.

A number of events are planned during Shantytown as well, including a panel discussion and a “panhandling” fundraiser on the academic mall.

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