International Film Series

Spanish movie examines child abuse. | October 5, 2004

The International Film Series continues on Wednesday, October 13 with an award-winning motion picture from Spain:

El Bola

Year: 2000

Director: Achero Mañas

Location: WorldViews Lounge

Time: 7:00 pm.

In Spanish with English subtitles

Two boys who don't really fit-in become friends at school, and do the normal kid things together. As the story unfolds, however, you realize something is not quite right with the kids' families - and you're not sure exactly what, or with which family. Then you start seeing the tip of a horrifying iceberg as it becomes evident that one boy is being seriously abused. This poignant film won more than 30 international awards, including four Goyas (Spain's equivalent of the Oscar).

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