Psychology professor and students participate in Freedom Center dialogue

Dr. McDaniels-Wilson, faculty, and students lead group discussions | September 28, 2004

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center on the banks of the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, opened Aug. 23, 2004.

Using the Underground Railroad as a lens through which to explore a range of freedom issues, the Freedom Center offers lessons and reflections on the struggle for freedom in the past, in the present, and for the future. And it helps visitors discover the power of speaking out about the meaning of freedom.

A talk with Dr. Cathy McDaniels-Wilson, assistant professor, Xavier department of psychology, on her experience with the Freedom Center:

“It’s been a truly wonderful and challenging experience for me. At the start, my overall goal was to develop a graduate assistantship to make sure an experience was created to learn about conflict resolution and intergroup communication. I also wanted to create a program which would impact the community in a positive way, while helping people to engage in the process of difficult dialogue”.

Talking with the group facilitators: (Roland Peckham, Heather Risk, Karen Banks, and Kristn Currans)

“The biggest goal was getting people into the dialogue zone. We have to get out and mingle to get people to want to talk; however, once people come into the dialogue zone, they were very open about what they were feeling and it didn’t take a lot of prodding”.

Congratulations to Dr. McDaniels-Wilson, Roland Peckham, Heather Risk, Karen Banks, and Kristn Currans!