International Film Series

Year begins with award-winning Belgian movie. | September 24, 2004

Title: La Promesse

Directors: Luc & Jean-Pierre Dardenne

With: Jéremie Renier, Olivier Gourmet, Assita Ouedraogo and Rasmane Ouedraogo

In French with English subtitles

Time and place: Wednesday 29, at 7pm in the WorldViews Lounge (10th floor of Schott Hall).


  • "Best Foreign Film" by the American National Society of Film Critics

  • "Best Foreign Film" by the L.A. Society of Film Critics

  • "Best Film of the Year" by the Seattle Society of Film Critics

La Promesse is the story of a boy's ascendance to grace. Under the guidance of his father, fifteen-year old Igor appears destined to a life of crime. All changes when Igor makes a promise to an immigrant who is working illegally for Igor's father and accidentally dies. Should Igor be loyal to his father or to his conscience, which has been awaken by this illegal immigrant?

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