Montessori magazine cover features Xavier’s Gallagher Center

Xavier is highlighted in magazine’s cover story about college-level teacher education programs | May 25, 2004

Xavier University is pictured on the cover of the winter issue of Montessori LIFE, a publication of the American Montessori Society. The picture features the Gallagher Student Center rising up from a sea of students walking across a sunny campus.

Xavier, which was the first university in the country to start a Montessori teacher education program and now operates the largest, was asked to contribute photos and a companion piece for the issue. The cover story is about the beneficial role of college-level teacher education programs to the Montessori community as a whole.

Beth Bronsil, director of Xavier’s Montessori teacher education program since 1978, authored a story about the history and benefits of the University’s Montessori program. Photos of the campus, some of the program’s founders, and Bronsil working with children in Korea, where she has helped set up a teacher education program, accompany the article.

“I sit here 39 years after the opening of the first graduate Montessori program in the country (at Xavier) and I ponder the vision of Hilda Rothschild when she proposed this program to Dr. Ray McCoy, then dean of the graduate school. The first program opened in 1965 with 80 students,” she wrote.

She details the highlights of the Montessori program, including how the University helped several cities develop Montessori elementary schools in the public systems after first helping Cincinnati open the first public Montessori school in the country.

“This was a special issue and we were on the front cover because we really are the leaders in Montessori education,” Bronsil said.

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