Ann Marie Tracey on panel overseeing Supreme Court elections

Xavier University professor in Williams College of Business appointed by the Ohio State Bar Association | May 17, 2004

Ann Marie Tracey, an assistant professor of legal studies in Xavier’s Williams College of Business, has recently been appointed to the statewide committee dedicated to encouraging fair and impartial campaigning for Supreme Court of Ohio judgeships.

The Judicial Election Campaign Advertising Committee consists of 11 members including lawyers and non-lawyers and is evenly distributed by political orientation. David C. Crago, dean of the Ohio Northern University College of Law, chairs the committee.

“The goal of this committee,” said Crago, “is to serve as the public's ‘watchdog’ to see that advertising stays focused on judicial qualifications and does not deteriorate into name-calling and negativism.”

“The issues with campaign ads can be quite complex and not apparent at first blush,” Tracey said. “It's important to have insight into the issues with respect to campaign advertising by gathering a diverse perspective. Most of us on the committee have had experience running for elections and dealing with certain issues that candidates are now facing. By having an objective view and being removed from the situation, we’re able to approach the matter with a citizenry perspective.”

Governor Bob Taft also recently appointed Tracey to the Ohio Ethics Commission, which regulates and enforces Ohio ethics laws for state employees and local elected officials. Her term runs through January of 2010.

Tracey joined the Williams College of Business in 1999, becoming a part-time faculty member, teaching law and ethics to evening M.B.A. students. In April 2002, she received the adjunct faculty of the year award from the business school. Tracey became a full-time faculty member in August 2003. As an assistant professor of legal studies, Tracey now teaches law and ethics to undergraduate and graduate business students.

Before joining the Xavier faculty, Tracey was a Hamilton County Common Pleas Court judge. She joined the bench in 1989, becoming the first woman to serve on the court's general division which handles civil and criminal cases. Tracey was elected to three consecutive six-year terms in 1990, 1996, and 2002. Her impressive legal career began in 1975 after graduating that year from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. Tracey served three years as an attorney with the City of Cincinnati and 10 years as an Assistant United States Attorney for the United States Department of Justice. She left her post in the Common Pleas Court in August 2003.