Xavier senior awarded two Fulbright scholarships

German major Julie Wilbers chooses program teaching in Germany over similar offer to study in Austria | April 28, 2004

Julie Wilbers, a graduating senior majoring in German and international affairs, has accepted a Fulbright scholarship to work in Germany as an English teaching assistant of American culture and history.

Wilbers applied to the American Fulbright Commission last year. The process involved completing a lengthy application, writing several essays, generating letters of recommendation and participating in interviews. In January, Wilbers learned she had made it through the first round.

During that time, she also applied to teach English in Austria through the Austrian Fulbright Commission.

Her extra effort paid off as she was offered Fulbright scholarships in both programs. Two weeks before graduation, Wilbers decided to go to Germany.

“I’m very excited about living and working in Germany,” Wilbers says. In addition to being close to relatives in Germany, Wilbers, who is from Edgewood, Ky., also plans to study at a nearby university and travel throughout Europe.

“I’ve thought about going to graduate school for German after the Fulbright,” Wilbers says. “But as of now I’m undecided. I hope my experiences in Germany will aid me in making that decision.”

The German-American Fulbright Program implements Sen. J. William Fulbright’s vision: the promotion of mutual understanding between the two countries through academic and bicultural exchange. The largest and most varied Fulbright program worldwide, the German-American Fulbright Program has sponsored more than 30,000 German and American students since its inception in 1952.

For more information about the Fulbright Program, contact Mike Sweeney, Xavier's Fulbright representative, at 513 745-2035, or visit the U.S. Department of State's Fulbright web page.