Executive presence seminar presented

Second event in series offered by Williams College of Business | September 30, 2002

The executive presence seminar is taking place on Tuesday, Oct. 1, in the Schiff Family Conference Center at the Cintas Center. It is the second event in the Business Professions Series, which is designed to answer fundamental questions of business. It runs from 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m. The noncredit seminar program offers experiences to help students succeed in the business world, in addition to the regular for-credit courses. The executive presence seminar offers them a chance to cultivate skills in creativity, communication and leadership, as well as tips on how to develop their true potential and advance their career. Representatives from Deloitte & Touche are presenting the seminar. The series is being offered through the combined resources of the Williams College of Business co-op program, the center for career and leadership development, the alumni association, and the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce. Upcoming seminars include a résumé workshop and professional etiquette course. For more information, contact Tom Clark at 513 745-2025.