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Ms. Marilyn Clark

Ms. Marilyn Clark

Adjunct Faculty, English Department

ML 4446
230 Hinkle Hall

Phone: 513-745-3238

Fax: 513-745-3065


  • M.A. (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

First Year at Xavier University:



Oral and Written Communication


In addition to teaching at Xavier, Marilyn Clark provides training in oral and written communication for business and non-profit organizations, including Procter & Gamble, The Girl Scouts of America, and Noxel. She also works as a free-lance editor and has edited numerous books, articles, and scripts. Her book reviews and articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines such as Xavier Magazine, where she wrote about the April 1999 tornado that ripped through her Cincinnati neighborhood. Her poetry has appeared in such publications as Rolling Stone and Circus Magazine. Married to Dr. Tom Clark, Professor of Management at Xavier, Marilyn Clark is the mother of two children, Julie Stewart, and Brian Clark. Clark has taught Studies in Fiction (ENGL 124) and English Composition (ENGL 101) at Xavier.

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