Faculty & Staff

Dr. Pamela Roy

Adjunct Faculty, Biology

ML 4331
112 Albers Hall

Phone: (513) 745-3806

Fax: (513) 745-1079


Dr. Roy teaches Microbiology Lab for allied health majors, and Life Lecture and Lab I and II for non-science majors. She also teaches a Human Biology course and a Reproduction and Genetics course at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Since coming to Xavier in 2003, she has written new lab manuals for Life Labs I and II and Microbiology. She finds teaching non-science majors the most challenging, since they may not be interested in the subject, but also the most rewarding when they discover how interesting the subject can be and how capable they are in the class. When creating new labs for non-science majors, the final criterion is whether her son, who earned a BFA in painting, would like the lab.

Dr. Roy collaborates with Valerie Pence at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden’s Center for the Reproduction of Endangered Wildlife in a project to propagate chocolate trees from leaf cuttings. In her free time, she plays the French horn with the Xavier University Orchestra, the Cincinnati Metropolitan Orchestra, and the Anderson Hills United Methodist Church Sanctuary Brass.

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