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 Steve Cobb, Ph.D.

Steve Cobb, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Economics

Associate Professor, Honors Programs

Associate Professor, Economics

Associate Professor - Economics, Modern Language & International Economics Program

No Title, Environmental Science

ML 1212
323 Smith Hall

Phone: (513) 745-3053

Fax: (513) 745-2074


  • BA, MA, Ph.D (Brown University)

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First Year at Xavier University:



Economic impact analysis, macro theory, economics of the public sector


Delta Sigma Pi Teacher of the Year (Williams College of Business), 1999 Dean's Award for Teacher of the Year (Williams College of Business), 2001 Williams College of Business Student Award for Teacher of the Year, 2004, Xavier University Bishop Fenwick Teacher of the Year (Alpha Sigma Nu), 2013-2014

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