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Dr. Margaret O'Brien King

Dr. Margaret O'Brien King

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ML 7351
127 Cohen Center

Phone: (513) 745-1019

Fax: (513) 745-1087


  • BSN, MEd, MS, PhD

Awards, Honors, & Certifications:



Dr. Margaret O’Brien King is board certified as a gerontological nurse (RN-BC), an advanced holistic nurse AHN-BC), and a clinical nurse leader (CNL). She has expertise in gerontological nursing, pain management, and holistic nursing.

Dr. King’s early publications focused on the development of teacher and student tools, including a test bank for a medical surgical nursing text and study guides for a fundamentals of nursing text. Her work also included articles discussing ethical conflicts in research and the impact of creativity on work satisfaction. Since the completion of her PhD in Natural Health, her primary focus has been the study of integrative therapies with nurses, older adults, and a variety of other populations, generating numerous publications and presentations at local, national, and international conferences.   She has researched other topics but her passion for holistic nursing has been a driving force in her professional career and has prompted her to study the work of Florence Nightingale, publishing and presenting her findings with local and national nursing communities. She continues to research integrative therapies as well as the impact of holistic nursing on novice nursing students. Her research complements her course on pain management which is a favorite elective of our students.  

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