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Dr. Lisa Close-Jacob

Dr. Lisa Close-Jacob

Associate Professor, Biology

ML 4331
212 Albers Hall

Phone: 513-745-3848

Fax: 513-745-1079


  • BS, MS, Ph.D. (University of Cincinnati)


Dr. Close-Jacob currently teaches Vertebrate Physiology Lecture and Lab and Methods of Biological Research (Senior Research) for Biology Department majors as well as Anatomy and Physiology for non majors. Her research interest is in the area of inflammation and its effect on coronary artery behavior. The coronary arteries are responsible for supplying the heart with blood, and therefore oxygen and nutrients. Damage to the heart muscle, as occurs with lowered oxygen levels, can initiate an inflammatory response. While part of this response helps to prepare tissues for repair, it can also be damaging if prolonged. Her research focuses on the molecules released during the inflammatory response and whether these molecules alter the ability of the coronary arteries to respond normally to stimuli.

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