Skip Tate

Skip Tate

Director for Editorial Services, Office of University Communications

ML 5450
Alumni Center, Room 104

Phone: (513) 745-2812

Fax: (513) 745-2807

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  • MA Theology—Xavier (working on it)
  • BS Journalism—Ohio University (long time ago)

Work Experience:

  • Chain gang
  • Road crew
  • Interim lumberjack


  • I currently receive several publications, including Esquire, Sports Illustrated and Knitting Monthly.

Awards, Honors, & Certifications:

  • Just working with Eric Smith is my greatest honor.

First Year at Xavier University:

1831 (I read Roger Fortin's book so I knew the answer to this.)


An uncanny ability to rearrange the letters of the alphabet so they create interesting stories.

Professional Interests:

I have an interest in professional hockey and professional auto racing.


It was a stark and dormy night. I was sitting alone in my room. Thinking. Pondering my future while playing Pac Man. What I should study now that I am in college? What could I actually turn into a career? Some subjects were automatically disqualified for obvious reasons—medicine, rocket science, professional basketball. Some subjects just didn't interest me—Latin, organic chemistry, English as second language. What I needed was something simple and I knew well. I looked at journalism and found my calling. "I learned how to write in third grade," I thought. "I once saw a sentence diagramed. I know the alphabet, or at least most of it. This will be perfect." So with that I embarked on my career, which, through a series of twist, turns, loopty-loops, whirly-majigs, roundabouts and bumpity-bumps, eventually landed me here at Xavier. Today my job is divided into roughly three equal parts: write, edit and annoy people. Some parts I do better than others. Or so I'm told. Always looking to improve and learn new skills, I'm working hard with Kevin Lavelle to learn social media so I can be cool.

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