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Expand Your World: Doing Business in Israel (for MBAs and MBA alums) 2014 from May 7-16 with Dr. Arthur Shriberg

Find out why Israel is the "start up nation" and is a world leader in entrepreneurship.



MBA Global Study Course - Israel

This MBA course is designed to help students:

  • Experience how a variety of businesses thrive in a capitalistic country in the Middle East

  • Apply theories and construct what is learned in MBA courses to businesses as conducted in the Middle East

  • Explore the relationship between significant companies both in Greater Cincinnati and Israel

  • Explore P&G's world renowned innovation center in Israel and Google's significant Israeli operation

As part of the course requirements, students will design a business plan for either creating a business venture in the US that could partner with an Israeli company OR create a plan for expanding the student‘s current employer‘s efforts in utilizing resources in Israel.

Dates of Trip: May 7 - May 16, 2014

Course: BUAD 688: Doing Business in Israel

Lead Professor: Dr. Art Shriberg

Credit Hours: 3 Credit Hours

Elective: General Business or International Business Concentrations or a substitution for BUAD 550.
Travel Expenses: $3,200* - Includes  lodging, ground transportation and some meals with scheduled business meetings/visits and cultural events. 
    *Airfare is not included in this price but a suggested flight itinerary will be provided.  Does not include tuition.

Deposit Due: $450 deposit + $50 Studio Abroad fee due by March 14, 2014.

Course Components

  • Pre-Trip Lecture: Two mandatory four hour lectures

  • Pre-Trip Assignment: Country overview and research

  • Country Immersion: 9 days in country business visits/ cultural exploration/ marketplace observation

  • Post-Trip Assignment: Group Project/ Business Plan

  • Post-Trip Meetings: One mandatory three hour meetings for final business plan presentations

Tentative Company Visits: P&G, Google, Venture Capitalists, Standard Textile, incubators and accelerators

Sample Syllabus: Click here to download

Sample Itinerary: Click here to download

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