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MBA Alums Phil Foster, Jocile Ehrlich, Chris Panczyk, and Roger Roundhouse to Judge 2013 MBA Best International Paper Competition

6 student teams compete in the 2013 competition.


 The best paper competition is an annual event in which the top teams from each of the prior year’s spring break trip presents their research & recommendation on international strategies and growth opportunities.  The teams are picked by the faculty member who leads each trip.

 The 2013 student teams are:

 China:  Taylor Murphy, Allison Shevlin, Elizabeth Sidor, and  Lee Wyman

 Congo:  Yasser Al-Debassi, Jake Mehlon, Vinay Mishra, and Melissa Young

 India:  Morgan Goldsmith, Sarah Penrod, and Victoria Fyda

 Israel:  Sarah Cottongim

 Korea:  Matt Baer, Robert Benjamin, and Dale Demaree

 London & Paris:  Shannon Frazier, Brooke Horan, Jon Geisler, and Eric Igel

 Please congratulate these students on their outstanding work and look for the announcement of the winning team on Monday!