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Dr. Alexandra Korros

  • Professor, History Department
  • Director, University Scholars Program
  • Director, University Scholars Program, Honors Programs
  • Professor of History, Jewish Studies

First Year at Xavier University:



  • AB (Cornell University)
  • MA, PhD (Columbia University)


Russian and Soviet history; Russian-Jewish history


Professor Alexandra S. Korros is a specialist in Late Imperial Russia. Her primary research interests lie in Russian political and social history through the 1917 revolutions with a special concentration on the structure and politics of the Russian Imperial State Council after 1906. Korros and Dr. Paul Colella of the Philosophy department have developed a block teaching course for honors students combining University core courses in European history with those in philosophy. Beyond the introductory core courses, Korros’ teaching interests focus on Russian history from the 13th century to the present, history of Zionism and Israel, technology and industrialization in modern Europe.

Korros is currently the Director of the University Scholars Program at Xavier. She also serves as Chair of the Graduate Studies Advisory Committee, assisting students in their preparation for graduate school. She teaches regularly in the University Scholars London Program

As a professional historian, Korros regularly participates in scholarly conferences, giving papers and participating in round tables at annual meetings such as the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies and the Midwest Russian History Conference.

Significant recent publications include: A Reluctant Parliament: Stolypin, Nationalism and the Politics of the Russian Imperial State Council, 1906-11. Rowman & Littlefield, 2002; editor and translator, Sergei Soloviev, A History of Russia, Vol. 11, The Reign of Ivan the Terrible, the Struggle against Bathory, Expansion into Siberia. Academic International Press, 2002; "The Legislative Chamber History Overlooked: The State Council of the Russian Empire, 1906-1914," in Anna S. Geifman, ed., Russia under the Last Tsar: Opposition and Subversion. Blackwell Publishers, London, 1999.