Campus Services

Academic Advising

Academic Advising assists undergraduate students in acquiring their education by helping them plan an educational program which will lead to a major, a degree and/or a career.

Advocate Program

The Xavier Advocate Program exists to provide confidential support, information and advocacy for those affected by harassment, discrimination, relationship violence, sexual assault and stalking. Xavier is dedicated to a campus free of these injustices, and strives for such an environment.

Auxiliary Services

The Office of Auxiliary Services supports Xavier University's mission by continually providing excellent services to students, faculty, staff and other members of the University Community and guests, and maintaining positive business relations external to the University.

Campus Police

Xavier University Campus Police Department works to protect life and property, to understand and serve the needs of any and all persons within the university community, to actively seek to identify community problems and solutions to those problems, to identify and prevent any criminal activity which may occur, and to improve the quality of life in this community.

Career Services Center

The Career Services Center supports the mission, goals, and Jesuit values of Xavier University by providing comprehensive career related services to all University constituents. We collaborate with campus and community partners to connect undergraduate and graduate students as well as alumni with resources to achieve meaningful careers over their lifetime.

Commuter Services and Off Campus Living

Commuter Services and Off Campus Living provides information and programs for Xavier's traditional commuter population, including all students living in off-campus housing.

Environmental Health and Safety

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is responsible for the development, implementation, coordination and operation of a University-wide environmental health and safety program that is consistent with applicable University policy and procedure and all appropriate Federal, State and local regulatory requirements.

Health and Wellness

Xavier's Health and Wellness Center offers medical, counseling and other services to the campus community.


International Student Services

The Office of International Student Services assists international and other students in achieving their educational goals and provides opportunities for growth through cross-cultural interaction. The office provides orientation, adjustment services, information dissemination, programming activities, and serves as an advocate for international students as well as other students.

Learning Assistance Center

The Learning Assistance Center provides support services to facilitate learning at Xavier, primarily serving students with disabilities, but also coordinating programs such as tutoring, workshops, and study groups open to all Xavier students.

Parent Relations

The Office of Parent Relations partners with parents through programming and communication to help ensure the success of Xavier's students and their families.

Physical Plant

If education is to flourish, the university buildings and grounds must be attractive, clean, safe and energy efficient. Physical Plant provides excellent service and maintains the campus and facilities at the high standard which exemplifies Xavier's tradition of excellence.

Psychological Services

The Psychological Services Center provides an on-campus center where Department of Psychology faculty, students, and staff apply principles of psychology to address the concerns of others.

Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life seeks to assist in the development of the total person and recognizes residence hall living as an integral part of the students' educational process.

Student Success and Retention

The Office of Student Success and Retention develops, plans, coordinates, and administers the freshman experience programs that significantly improve the academic and social integration necessary to enhance the quality of the college experience. The office continues to assist students as they matriculate, from year to year, with programs that provide financial and academic support, social adjustment, and academic advising.

Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad opportunities for Xavier students abound: Short term, long-term programs, all over the world, and supporting all fields of study. Xavier University students are encouraged to include a study abroad experience in their academic programs for the many reasons.

TRIO / Student Support Services (SSS)

TRIO, Student Support Services (SSS) is an educational program funded by the United States Department of Education, whose goal is to graduate eligible students and prepare them for a post-baccalaureate education or career.