Directions for Completing Business Forms

This form should be completed anytime there is a turnover in or changes in responsibility of the authorized signers. The new form will completely supersede the old form; it is not an addition to the form currently on file. This form should also be completed anytime a new fund or org is established.

Instructions for completing the form:

  • FOAP number - Enter either your six digit fund number or five digit org number in the space provided. Complete a separate form for each fund or org for which you are responsible.
  • FOAP name - Enter the name of the budget.
  • Budget administrator - Print the name of the person responsible for this FOAP. The responsible person should sign their name on the line underneath.
  • Additional authorized signatures - On the left side, print the names of the others that are allowed to expend funds from this FOAP. These individuals should then sign the form on the right side across from their name.


Signature Authorization Form