The following example shows a listing of all of the category of expenses in 70 - the General & Administrative Expense area.

Account pooling

Pooling Budget Concept

The next example displays how you see the details of the Operating expenditures pool when you click on 7D. The pool account code is 701500. All of the other account codes share/use the funds in that pool account. You may not expense to a control object code. You do not have to process budget revisions between the account codes within the pool when spending plans change.

Pooling Budget Table

Account codes within a pool range share the funds available in the entire pool control account code. The pools are applicable for:

601651 Student staff pool
701300 Library operations (old 6500 pool)
701500 Departmental operating pool
703000 Contracted and professional services
704001 Cost of goods sold pool (COGS)
704050 COGS Cintas Pool-restricted use-Cintas only
705000 Maintenance and repair pool
706050 Non-recurring equipment pool - capital expenditures based on price of items is reflected in account titles.
708001 Insurance pool
711000 Plant project pool-restricted use-plant funds only
  • When processing budget revisions in and out of these pooled account codes, you must move the funds to and from the pool control account code (701500, 703000, 705000 etc.), not the specific account codes that participate within the particular pool.
  • Check the account code listing for which specific expense account codes participate in each pool.

Non-Pooled Budget Concept

Non-Pooled Budget Table

  • Non-pooled account codes do not share dollars with any other object codes. Each account code stands alone budgetarily.
  • When processing budget revisions in and out of non-pooled account codes, you must move the funds to and from the specific account code.