Finance Self Service

FSS Navigation/Tips for Getting Around

From the Main Menu click on Finance.  This will open the list of options in the FSS menu.


  • You can use your Browser's "Back" button to go back to the previous page, or use the links on the bottom of the page to quickly go to a Finance Menu item.
  • Tab or use the mouse to click between fields (Do not use "enter" key).
  • Be aware that whenever you click on a button to perform an operation (i.e., submit, validate, etc.) you will be taken to the top of the screen. You may have to scroll down to see the information.
  • There are information links on the forms. Click on them for information.
  • There are also Help and Information links at the bottom of the forms, and at the top right. Click on these for more information.
  • Return to the Main Menu from anywhere in FSS by clicking the Finance tab.
  • CLOSE ALL OPEN BROWSER windows when you have finished your work to protect your privacy.