Finance Self Service

Operating Ledger Columns: Choices and Descriptions

The choices of columns of data that you want to show on your query are displayed below. The recommended columns are: Accounted Budget, Year to Date, Encumbrances, and Available Balance. Think about what you want to see/do with the information, and what does it mean. Click in the box next to your choices.

The following is a description for each column choice available. Only some of the columns allow you click on data that is displayed as blue and underlined to drill down to more details.

Drill Down
Adopted Budget Budget at beginning of Fiscal Year (BD01)
Budget Adjustment Total of additions or reductions-temporary and permanent-since original allocation. (BD02 + BD04)
Adjusted Budget Current Budget. Total of all transactions. Cannot drill down in this column. (BD01 + BD02 + BD04)
Temporary Budget Temporary adjustments-will not roll to next fiscal year. (BD04)
Accounted Budget Original Budget plus or minus adjustments. Drill down to see transaction details. (BD01 + BD02 + BD04)
Year to Date Actual posted revenue and expenditures. Drill down to see transaction details.
Encumbrances Funds committed for future payments - Payroll for FTE's and Purchase Orders are encumbered. Drill down to see transaction details.
Reservations Not used by Xavier University
Commitments Equals total set-aside for future obligations (Encumbrances + Commitments)
Available Balance This screen will not show the true available balance for a fund/org because of pooling, except in the Budget Status by Organizational Hierarchy Query. Also, if a transaction is in suspense, it will not be reflected in the data on this form.