Finance Self Service

Encumbrance Queries

Encumbrance Queries will result in a list by a account number of all active encumbrances in the FOAP selected. This feature is best used for the current fiscal year. When you click on the Encumbrance Query option a screen will open with the parameter selections similar to the Budget Status Query.

The parameters screen is displayed next (see below). You have the option to select an existing query if you have one saved or a public query exists that meets your need.

Select the Fiscal Year - Click the down arrow to open the drop down menu. (Note: Prior fiscal years will not have active (open) encumbrances as the fiscal years are closed.)

Select Fiscal Period - Click the down arrow to open the drop down menu. Choose the period you wish to get encumbrance information through.

Included on this form are the Encumbrance Status and Commitment Type fields. Encumbrance Status options are Open, Closed or ALL. The ALL option will report all encumbrances open and closed.

Enter you Fund or Org in the Index field.

Click on the Submit Query button.

The query result is a summary list by account number of all Open, Closed or both encumbrances in the FOAP selected, depending on the parameters you selected for Encumbrance Status. The documents are listed on the following screen.

Account is the account number that the PO is expensed to.

Document Code is the PO number.

Description is the Vendor Name.

Original Commitments is the original encumbered amount.

Encumbrance Adjustments are any increases/decreases to the original encumbered amount.

Encumbrance Liquidations are any changes to the encumbered amount from payments./p>

Year To Date is the total amount paid to date for the document.

Current Commitments is the amount currently encumbered for the document code.

To view distribution details of transactions for a specific document click on the Document Code (in blue).

This form displays the accounting information for the encumbrance. This particular encumbrance is posted to one account code. Clicking on the Document Code (in blue) will drill down into the document query in the same manner as the budget queries do.