Finance Self Service

Code Lookup

Code Lookup is used to find FOAP elements. If you want to look up the number of an ORG, click on the button with the word Organization on it.

The following screen will appear. The Chart of Accounts must be "X".

Banner recognizes the % sign as a wildcard in a search field. Use % at the beginning of a text or number string, for example %32, and all items ending in the string will be found. Use it at he end of 32% to find all items starting with the numbers 32.

Presume that you know that the org you are looking for begins with "32". The % sign is a wildcard. So if you key 32% in the Organization Criteria, the search will return all Orgs that begin with 32 as shown below.

Also change the Maximum rows to return to 1000 in order to get back all of the Orgs that begin with "32".

Then click on Execute Query.

This following shows the returns for 32% in Organization Criteria.

You can also search on all or Part of a title if the code is unknown. Title is case sensitive. % can also be used before and after text or number string, for example, %Chem%. Then any Organization with the partial word "Chem" anywhere in the title will be returned.

Or, if you are looking up an Org with the word"Student" in it, but you don't know if the description begins with, ends with, or has the word "Student" in the middle of it; you can key in %Student% into the Title Criteria. Be sure to change the "Maximum rows to return" to 1000. Then click on Execute Query.

The following shows what will be displayed.

Once you find the Org number, you must then enter it into the INDEX field after clearing all other information after the Index and click on SUBMIT QUERY.

You can also search on Fund and Account Number.

So, you can search on ORG, FUND, or ACCOUNT by clicking on the box with that word in it.