Blackboard Course Modification Form

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  1. Do you wish to COPY the content from an existing Blackboard course to a new course shell?

    Yes - List the system name of the existing Blackboard course and the system name of the new
    course shell. The course id provided must include the term (year + 01 for spring, 05 for summer,
    09 for fall), course subject, course number, and section number.

    For example:__Existing Course_________New Course

    Existing Course:
    New Course:

    No - A Blackboard course will be created with no existing content.

  2. Do you wish to COMBINE your Blackboard course with another course section in the same term?
    Keep in mind that courses that are crosslisted in Banner are not automatically crosslisted in Blackboard.

    Yes, I have read and agree with the Blackboard Combined Course Policy (click yes to read popup).
    In each text box below, please list the specific Blackboard courses to be combined into one course site.
    The course id provided must include the term, course subject, course number, and section number.

    For example:__Combined Class 1

    For example:__Combined Class 2

    Combined Class 1

    Combined Class 2

    No, I do not wish to combine any course sections. A standalone Blackboard
    course will be created for each section.

  3. Do you wish to add ADDITIONAL PEOPLE to your Blackboard roster such as teaching assistants,
    library liasons, or other instructors?

    Yes - List the specific Blackboard course, the name of the individual to be added, and the role
    you wish them to have in your course. The course id provided must include the term, course subject,
    course number, and section number.

    For example:__Course_ID______________Name_________Blackboard_Role

    Please list each addtional name and specify their Blackboard role.

    Course ID:
    Blackboard role:

    No - Only the instructor and the students listed with the registrar will be enrolled in your course.



  1. Considering the entire amount of time your students spend working within your course during a semester,
    please estimate the amount of time the average student in your course spends using Blackboard.

    100% - My course meets exclusively on Blackboard

    If you would like, please add comments or additional details.

  2. What Blackboard features do you utilize?

    Course Statistics
    Discussion Board
    Drop Box

  3. What Blackboard training classes would you be interested in attending?

  4. Could you please share a short comment on your Blackboard experience?

  5. ********************* PLEASE NOTE *********************

    Requested modifications will be completed within THREE WORKING DAYS of the initial submission.
    Please submit your request EARLY to ensure the course is ready on time.

    When your Blackboard course is created, access is limited to the instructor only. Remember to
    reset the availability of your course when you have completed your initial course material entry.

    Please make sure the course duration dates are correct as well. If you want to give students
    access before (or after) the scheduled start (or end) date, these must be changed.

    Your students will be automatically enrolled in your Blackboard course. You do not need to
    process any students who subsequently drop the course.