If it runs, flies or crawls, it's got your full attention. It's life, and it's always fascinated you since the day you first wriggled your toes in the dirt and snagged an earthworm. Discover the building blocks of life by studying biology, and open your life to a world of wonder and wonderful choice. Biology is the basis for a wide range of science-based careers, from medicine to laboratory research to environmental study.


Biology students have a mentor to assist them in research


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Because of our Pre-Professional Health Advising program, you'll have a better chance of getting into medical school, dental school, veterinary school or other health-related professions after graduation.

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Student Research

All biology and natural sciences majors complete senior research projects, working directly with professors on topics like paleobiology (extinct mammals), ecology, bird behavior, manatee behavior, cardiology (hearts), entomology (insects) and genetics. Students also land research internships at places like the Mayo Clinic or Children's Hospital.

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Cool Labs

Take your pick of fascinating labs: bacteriology (make cheese), ecology (go outside), genetics (it glows), human cadaver (for upper-level students only).

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