Careers in Biology

This is just a starting place

No computer can adequately present the choices available to you. The best way to insure that you're training for a career that will bring you happiness and satisfaction in the future is to discuss your plans and personality in detail with a counselor trained to help you make choices. Xavier offers free, one-on-one career counseling to current students at the Career and Leadership Development Center to help you choose a career. They will work with you to assess your individual skills, interests and values. They also offer a course to help you explore an individually tailored, but broad, range of career options (EDCO141).

The center has many other services as well, including databases of internships and jobs that will help you get experience in your area of interest, tips on finding and getting jobs, and information on entering and choosing graduate school.

The Career and Leadership Development Center is located on the third floor of Gallagher. Stop by to visit their library and discuss your needs with the counselors there.

Also, talk to your professors about your plans. They once confronted the same set of choices, and want to help you pick the best one for you.