Student Research

Celebration of Student Research

All Biology and Natural Sciences majors are required to do senior research, and most present it at Xavier's Celebration of Student Research as well as in lower division classes. In 2004, some also presented their work at national conferences.

Students shown here presented research conducted on foraging discrimination in mockingbirds with Dr. George Farnsworth our animal behaviorist and include from left to right: Brendan Beck, Katie Radkowski, Dr. George Farnsworth and Emily TenBrink. The purpose of the experiment was to investigate whether a Northern Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos) could use numerical cues to optimize its foraging outcome. 


Under the research guidance of physiologist, Dr. Lisa Close-Jacob,  students examined the affects of a contracting agent on constriction and dilation of coronary arteries using fresh bovine hearts. Students from left to right include: Katherine D. Goetz, Allie Y. Thompson, Saura Henry, Anne Marie Walters and Nancy E. Gomez, (missing is John Hoenemeyer).


Senior Michael G. Boesken is responding to questions by Dr. Linda Finke of the biology department, about his investigation of forelimb skeletal structure similarities across mammalian species that display a broad range of digging abilities. Paleobiologiest Dr. William Anyonge, who studies extinct mammals, directed this research.