Careers in Biology

Not everyone wants to be a physician

It may seem otherwise sometimes, especially when you're an undergraduate majoring in biology. But the truth is that today the field of biology offers a much wider diversity of career choices, and this database contains brief descriptions of over 75 of them. Some do require (or are helped by) medical school, but none describe traditional doctors seeing patients or doing surgery. All can be both challenging and fulfilling.

Choosing the right career for you can be difficult, as you need to consider not only your scientific interests, but your academic interests, personal values and lifestyle goals. Use the links to the left as a preliminary guide for searching.

This is just a starting place

You may get some new ideas here, but no computer can tell you everything about a career or decide whether it's a good match for you. You should also talk to people who know you, like your friends and family, professionals in your area of interest, your teachers, and, perhaps most importantly, career counselors.

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Looking for med school?

If you do want to learn more about going to medical school and other health science professions, visit the health sciences advising center.

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