The primary goal for the departments within Auxiliary Services is to maintain a proactive role in providing excellent services to students, faculty, staff and other members of the internal and external communities.

Quick Facts About Us

  • 145: Annual number of students employed under Auxiliary Services last year.
  • 819,465: Number of student meals served in Hoff Student Dining Commons in the past year.
  • 5,621: Total number of parking permits ordered in the past year. 

We are located in the:                   Fenwick Place, Musketeer Mezzanine
Campus Map here

Directions to our Office:

From Montgomery Road (at Xavier's All for One Shop at University Station )

Turn down Cleneay Ave, proceed to the stop sign, go through the stop sign and immediately turn right into the Husman parking lot (across from Currito's) and park in one of the 15 minute metered parking spaces (activate the meter in order to get the free 15 minutes). 

Cross the street towards Currito's and take the walking path to the right, walk in front of the building with the tall glass windows towards the stair well in the corner, go up the steps and our office is on the left at the top of the first set of steps. 


Division of Financial Administration

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Tom Barlow
Auxiliary Services

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