Building Location Color Services Available
Albers Hall Biology  
Alter Hall Dean of Arts and Sciences  
Alumni Center Alumni Association X
Alumni Center Community Building Institute  
Alumni Center University Relations, Development X
Alumni Center University Relations, Internal Operations  
Alumni Center Office of Vice Provost for Diversity  
Alumni Center Human Resources  
Alumni Center University Communications  
Alumni Center Physical Plant  
Campus Services Building Application Services/ Tech. Support  
Cintas Center Athletics Office X
Cintas Center Athletics Ticket Office  
Cintas Center Cintas Center Director's Office X
Cleneay, 1714 McGrath Health and Wellness Center  
Cohen Center Cohen Copy/Mail Room X
Cohen Center X-CEED Program  
Cohen Center Occupational Therapy  
Conaton Learning Commons Career Services  
Conaton Learning Commons Center for Student Excellence  
Conaton Learning Commons Grant Services  
Dana Avenue, 1415 Veteran Affairs  
Dana Avenue, 1601 Hoff Quad Field Office X
Edgecliff Hall Music  
Elet Hall Psychology  
Fenwick Place-Mezzanine Bursar/Registrar  
Fenwick Place-Mezzanine Mezzanine Help Desk  
Fenwick Place-Mezzanine Residence Life  
Fenwick Place-North Tower Mission & Identity  
Flynn Hall Administrative Services  
Gallagher Student Center Center for Faith & Justice  
Gallagher Student Center International Student Center  
Gallagher Student Center Student Government Association X
Gallagher Student Center Student Life & Leadership X
Hailstones Hall, 1st floor Graduate Services  
Hailstones Hall, 2nd floor Dean's Office/Education X
Hailstones Hall, 3rd floor Childhood Education  
Hinkle Hall Faculty Services X
Hinkle Hall Mathematics  
Hinkle Hall English/Philosophy  
Hinkle Hall Theology  
Joseph Hall Montessori Education X
Joseph Hall Sports Studies  
Logan Hall Chemistry  
McDonald Library, 1st floor Information Technologies X
McDonald Library, 2nd floor Content Management  
O'Connor Center Recreational Sports  
Schmidt Fieldhouse Athletics Olympic Sports X
Schmidt Hall Controller  
Schmidt Hall Financial Administration X
Schmidt Hall General Counsel X
Schmidt Hall Provost Office X
Schmidt Hall President's Office X
Schott Hall Admissions  
Schott Hall Classics/Modern Languages  
Schott Hall Communication Arts  
Schott Hall Financial Aid  
Schott Hall History  
Schott Hall Political Science  
Smith Hall, 1st floor MBA Office X
Smith Hall, 2nd floor Undergraduate Business Programs  
Smith Hall, 3rd floor Finance  
Smith Hall, 3rd floor Economics  
St. Barbara Hall Military Science  
Victory Parkway, 3852 Brueggeman Center  
Winding Way, 3818 Psychological Services