Q.  How do I activate the Multi-Function Device (MFD) for copying?

A.  Current Faculty and Staff are able to activate the copier through the Equitrac card reader attached to the device.  The copier is activated either by swiping your ALL Card or by manually entering the first 10-digits of the ID number found along the bottom of your ALL Card.  All charges are accrued against your Home Budget in Banner and charegedback at the end of each calendar month.

Q.  What if I need to apply copying charges to multiple budget lines?

A.  If you have signing rights to apply charges to multiple budget lines, you can contact Xavier Copying Services at x-1935 or copyingservices@xavier.edu to have access to your respective budgets linked to your ALL Card. You will then be prompted to enter an ORG or FUND number after swiping your ALL Card at the device.

Q.  As a budget administrator, how do I set quotas on how much my faculty or staff can copy or print?

A.  We are able to apply quotas to the individual user level.  Please contact us at x-1935 or copyingservices@xavier.edu to discuss setting custom quotas to suit your departmental needs.

Q.  What is the cost per page for copying or printing?

A.  The cost per page for copying and printing is $0.055 for black-and-white and $0.20 for color. These costs cover the rental of the device, paper, toner, and on-site service.  As always scanning and faxing services are provided free of charge.

Q.  How do I set up the MFD as a network printer?

A.  Contact us at x-1935 or copyingservices@xavier.edu so that we can provide you with the appropriate printer install instructions for your respective MFD.

Q.  What do I need to do to add my e-mail address to the copier for scan-to-email?

A.  You can get to a University-wide directory by going to Scan/ Scan-To-Email/ Search.  To set one-touch templates for your staff, please contact us at x-1935 or copyingservices@xavier.edu

Q. Where is the paper jam located in the MFD?

A.  First, follow the directions on finding the jam and pulling out the paper; the potentially jammed areas will be highlighted on the color LED screen of the MFD. If you have done this and there is still a jam error message, turn the machine off then back on this may clear the jam.  If all these fail, please contact us at x-1935 to assist.

Q. How do I use the copy machine? Are there any training classes available?

A. Yes, there is training available. To get free training please contact us at x-1935 or copyingservices@xavier.edu. Our on-site Technician will personally come to your office and show you how to operate the copy machine.

Q. If I run out of copy paper before it is scheduled to be delivered, who do I contact?

A. Need paper? Contact us at x-1935 or copyingservices@xavier.edu and we'll deliver a case of Xavier branded copier paper to your area in 2 hours or less.