Rules and Regulations

Below are all parking rules and regulations in effect and approved for Xavier University. It is an individual's responsibility to understand and comply with all rules and regulations published while operating a motor vehicle on campus. Lack of available parking spaces and failure to comply with these rules and regulations are not a valid excuse for violation of any and all parking regulations.

Parking Services, as a division of the Office of Auxiliary Services, is committed to service of the entire Xavier University community of students, faculty, and staff. In partnership with the Xavier Police, we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience when parking on campus. We are committed, in every instance, to a fair and equitable process that goes along with the mission and beliefs of the university. All funds collected from the payment of citations will go towards financial aid opportunities for our students. Thank you for your cooperation and support of Xavier University.

  • Please note: This manual supersedes any previously distributed manuals by the University, Xavier Police, and Parking Services. Xavier University has the right to change, modify, implement, and suspend any provisions to these rules and regulations at any time at the University's complete discretion.

    All vehicles (including visitors) parked on campus must display a current parking permit. Vehicles may be parked only in designated lined spaces and not otherwise reserved spaces. Directional arrows, parking signs and all traffic laws must be observed. Vehicles parked without permits in campus parking lots are subject to fines, booting and/or towing.

1.      All vehicles (including visitors) parked on campus must display a current parking permit. Vehicles may be parked only in designated lined spaces and not otherwise reserved spaces. Directional arrows, parking signs and all traffic laws must be observed. Vehicles parked without permits in campus parking lots are subject to fines, booting and/or towing.

2.      Students, Adjunct Faculty and Full-time Faculty and Staff parking permits:  All permits are to be ordered online at (hereafter referred to as “Parking Website”). The vehicle make, year, model and license plate numbers are required to complete the application. Once a permit is ordered online, it is requested that you display your temporary parking permit that is printable at the time of order. Your permit order will be fulfilled and delivered to the mailing address provided within 7-10 business days. Students and Adjunct Faculty Permits are valid for the academic year in which they are ordered. Full-time faculty and staff permits are valid on a rotating three year cycle. Permit expiration dates are printed on the front of the permit. For a complete list of available parking permits please refer to the Parking Website, or Exhibit B “Current Year Parking Permits Pricing Schedule”

3.      All parking permits must be affixed to the passenger side of the front windshield, lower right-hand corner. Permits are transferrable and should be affixed to the vehicle you are currently driving. A lost or stolen permit must be reported to the Office of Auxiliary Services or Xavier Police. All replacement permits are subject to a replacement fee (Please refer to Parking Website for current rates). Permit owners are responsible for violations charged to his/her permit at all times. Please be sure to register all vehicles you may use on campus prior to the transferring of the permit from your primary vehicle to an alternative vehicle.  One Permit, per person.

4.      Contract and Temporary employee permits are issued over the counter in the Office of Auxiliary Services. All requests must be pre-approved by contracting department and will be issued for the contracted term. Lot availability will be based on the nature and scope of the individual’s work.         The vehicle make, year, model and license plate number as well as personal contact information are required.

5.      Visitors: A valid visitor permit is required for parking in a Xavier University lot. Permit must be   clearly displayed on the dashboard of vehicle. A visitor permit must be obtained in person at the Welcome Booth (off of University Drive), Office of Auxiliary Services (Musketeer Mezzanine) in Fenwick Place, or Flynn Hall (Xavier Police), unless otherwise approved in writing by Parking Services.

6.      Meters: There are a limited amount of free 15 minute meters on campus. To support campus and external community, these are available to campus visitors without the need for a visitor permit. The timer on the meter must be activated when parked. Meter timer is preset for 15 minute intervals. Any vehicle parked in an expired meter is subject to citation.

7.      During major events on campus (i.e. basketball games, concerts, etc.) all permit holders may be directed to park in alternate on campus parking lots. Vehicles parked in reserved/restricted lots during major events are subject to tow at the owner’s expense. For additional information regarding event related parking restrictions and alternative parking recommendations please visit the Parking Website, or refer to Exhibit A  “Lot Assignments/Available Parking by Permit Type”.

8.      Vehicles parked on campus or entering University property are subject to inspection by the Xavier Police. This is a necessary measure to insure public safety on Xavier’s campus.

9.      Xavier University is not responsible for fire, theft, loss or damage of any kind to any vehicle and/or their contents while on University property. Vehicles of any kind on Xavier University property are to be considered parked at their own risk.

10.  Motorcycles: For safety reasons, motorcycles/scooters should only be operated on the streets and not operated on sidewalks or pedestrian paths. All vehicles including 2-3 wheeled motorcycles and scooters must display a valid parking permit. These vehicles may park in designated motorcycle spaces located in the C-2 lot and may also occupy any designated (and not otherwise reserved) lined automobile spaces. Motorcycle/scooter drivers are responsible for observing the same regulations as those governing automobiles and must have a valid motorcycle/scooter endorsement. Motorcycles may not park at bicycle racks, on sidewalks, inside or adjacent to campus buildings, or landscaped areas. Permit and license plate must be visible at all times.

11.  Parking permits remain the property of Xavier University and shall be surrendered upon demand.

12.  A permit for the University Station complex is NOT a valid parking permit for Xavier University lots. University Station residents must acquire an official Xavier University parking permit to park their vehicle in University managed lots.

13.  Enforcement procedures will be the same for all parking classifications (i.e. student, faculty/staff, contract staff, etc.) Fines must be paid within 10 calendar days of the violation or they will automatically be charged to an individual’s bursar account. Unpaid or habitual violations may result in increased fines, booting, towing and/or loss of parking privileges. For  current list of violation types and fine schedule, please refer to Parking Website or Exhibit C “ Parking Violation Types and Fine Schedule”.

14.  Your vehicle may be subject to a boot after multiple violations have been assessed, whether they are paid or unpaid. The citations on any student, faculty, or staff members’ record are cumulative and will remain on your parking record for the duration of your time here on campus.

15.  Vehicles found impeding/obstructing traffic (vehicular/pedestrian) or left abandoned (no permit, registration or nonfunctional) for more than 14 hours are subject to be towed at owners expense.

16.  A handicap placard is required for special parking due to health problems. This placard must be obtained through a state regulatory agency (i.e. Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles). Once obtained and displayed on the vehicle, the individual has the right to park in any designated handicap space in conjunction with a current Xavier parking permit or visitor permit.

17.  All parking citation fines are to be paid on the Parking Website. In addition, students are responsible for unpaid parking violations incurred by their guests. Parking fines are applied to the student’s bursar bill if not paid within 10 calendar days of the date of issue. If student fines are not paid, final grades or transcripts will not be released and the student will not be permitted to register for classes in an upcoming semester. A processing fee of $10.00 may be added to any unpaid parking fines.

18.  Employees are responsible for the payment of fines incurred while parking on University property. If fines are not paid within ten (10) calendar days of the date of issue, the University has the right to add the amount of the fine plus a $10.00 processing fee to an employee’s bursar account. Further on campus notifications and actions may be taken by an employee’s direct supervisor or department chair if an individual is unable to be reached for payment.

19.  Appeals must be submitted online through the Parking Website. Citations must be appealed within 7 calendar days of when the violation was received, after that time period, appeals will not be accepted. Payment is not due on the citation until the appeal decision is rendered by the panel, which may take up to 10-14 business days.

20.  The parking appeals panel is made up of current students, faculty and staff . No decisions are made by the Office of Auxiliary Services or Xavier Police. Those offices are only involved to reaffirm the University’s policies. Repeat or unpaid parking infractions will play a part in a decision. The decisions made by the parking appeals panel are FINAL. Xavier University’s Administration is in full support of all decisions made by this panel.

21.  The following are not valid reasons for appealing a parking violation:

·         Lack of knowledge of the regulations

·         Failure to read the regulations

·         Forgetfulness

·         Parking for a short period

·         Running late for class or a meeting

·         Use of hazard lights in a no parking zone for an extended period of time

·         Inability to find an authorized parking space

·         Having the wrong permit for the space used

·         Failure to obtain a temporary permit

·         Failure to notice parking signs

·         Failure to display a parking permit

·         Disagreement with, or inability to pay, the fines

22.  Men’s Basketball/Special Event Parking

A.     Men’s Basketball:  During men’s home basketball games, the following lots and/or spaces must be vacated 2 hours before game time:

·         Husman Hall Lot

·         Campus Services Lot

·         Flynn Hall Lot

·         Cintas Front/South Entrance Lot

·         Small Lot in front of C-2

·         All numbered spaces in C-2, C-3

Faculty/Staff should plan ahead and park in alternate faculty/staff lots on weekday evenings when a home game is scheduled.

Students (both undergraduate and graduate should avoid all “C” parking lots near to the Cintas Center on these game nights. It is strongly recommended that students who have classes on these evenings park in the following alternative game day parking locations: 

·         Woodburn Lots (D, G, H) that are South of Dana Ave.

·         Alumni Center Lot

·         McGrath Health Center Lot

·         Brockman Lot

·         West Lot

·         O’Conner Sports Center Lot

·         University Drive

·         Unnumbered spaces in the Norwood Plaza (C-5/R-4)

B.     Special Event: Special events do take place in the Cintas Center year around. Please be aware that parking spaces, especially the C2 and C3 lots closer to the Schiff Family Conference Center and Husman Lots will be limited from time to time throughout a given day and sometimes on short notice. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during these times.