2014-2015 Permit Pricing Schedule

The following rates apply for the 2014-2015 Academic Year. Please see "Parking Areas" link on left for details on lot locations for each permit type.

  • Residents: $132
    Permit valid in R-Lots for all students who live in all residence halls, including University Apartments or the Manor House. Permit not valid in the Commons or Village apartment lots. Other lots may be valid for this permit during restricted hours.
  • Xavier Commons Residents: $154
    Permit valid for all students residing in the Commons on-campus apartment complex. Other lots may be valid for this permit during restricted hours.
  • Xavier Village Residents: $154
    Permit valid for students residing in the Village on-campus apartment complex. Other lots may be valid for this permit during restricted hours.
  • Commuters - Full Time: $110
    Permit is valid from 6:00 am to 12:00am in C-Lots.  Twenty-four (24) hour commuter parking is valid in Cohen lot, C-2 spaces only.
  • Evening/Weekend - Part Time: $66
    Permit is valid after 3:00pm weekdays and all day on the weekend in C-Lots. Normal parking area rules take precedence over the permit  (i.e. if the parking area is restricted to students until 5pm, then this type permit is NOT allowed to park in those areas until 5pm as well) 
  • Additional Permit for a Second Vehicle: A student, faculty, or staff member is responsible for registering alternate vehicles in their own parking account. An assigned parking permit is transferrable from one vehicle to another as long as the alternate vehicle is properly registered.  A second permit is available at a cost of $25 made payable by check only at the Office of Auxiliary Services
  • Visitor Permit: 
    A pass may be obtained in person at the Information Booth (off of University Drive), Office of Auxiliary Services (Musketeer Mezzanine) in Fenwick Hall, or Flynn Hall (Xavier Police).
  • Replacement Permit: $25
    Replacement permits will be available at the Office of Auxiliary Services. It is the responsibility of each individual to make sure they have a valid permit on their vehicle's windshield when parking in any on campus parking area.
  • Summer Student Permit: Free
    Students (not having permit from the previous fall/spring semester) must obtain a free summer parking permit from the Office of Summer Sessions in Alter hall or online. Permits are valid only for the session the student is enrolled. The permit can be updated to match the student schedule changes.
  • Temporary
    Permits may be purchased at the following rates for those who require parking privileges for short periods: Monthly: $30; weekly: $10; Daily: $2.

It is an individual?s responsibility to understand and comply with all rules and regulations published while operating a motor vehicle on campus. Lack of available parking spaces and failure to comply with these rules and regulations are not a valid excuse for the violation of any and all parking regulations. The purchase of a Xavier Parking Permit does not guarantee a parking space in all lots for which a permit is valid.