Q. How much soap / detergent should I use?

A. ONLY use a 1/4 cup of Liquid HE detergent if using a Front Loads Washer. We have seen trouble caused by powders, dish soap, regular laundry detergent, and TOO MUCH detergent. If using a washer that opens on the top, please follow directions on the detergent box. Again, too much detergent can cause a problem with the machine, see this article from The Wall Street Journal.

Q. Why won't the washer start? 

A. Occasionally, a washer won't start because the door lock is not engaged. Solution is to open the door and then close firmly making sure the door lock has been engaged.

Q. Why won't the washer door open? 

A.  Occasionally, a washer door lock won't disengage after the cycle and the door won't open. The solution is to push the door closed firmly before opening.

Q. Why is there water in the tub? 

A. Water in the tub is often caused by not empting small objects from pockets which can clog the pump. Most common objects getting into the pump include toothpicks, bobby pins, straight pins, coins, paper, etc...

Q. If there is a problem with a machine where can I report this? 

A.  If a problem arises with one of the machines simply go to the Contact Us for Service link and fill out the online form. This form is then directly sent to a service rep to inform them of the issue.

Q. Where can I get a refund for money lost in one of the laundry machines?

A. You can call the ALL Card office at (513) 745-3374 or send an email to ALLCard@xavier.edu; giving your name, student ID#, how much you lost, what happened, and then what machine and building.