Xavier Dining: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can I contact if I need some assistance or have any questions regarding my meal plan?

A. If you have any questions regarding your meal plan or need some assistance in the selection of a meal plan that meets your dietary needs, we are pleased to lend a hand. For assistance please contact the Xavier Dining Office at 513-745-4874, by email at dining@xavier.edu, or on the web at www.xavier.edu/dining.

Q. How are meal plan prices established?

A. The cost of each meal plan includes not only food related costs but also covers overhead expenses within all Xavier Dining programs. Overhead expenses are business related costs that typically include such things as salaries, utilities, capital expenses and debt service. These overhead expenses support the ability to be able to provide an all-you-can-eat format as opposed to having to pay ala carte for each item that you purchase. Xavier is dedicated to working to ensure that all student dining needs are met and exceeded while still maintaining a reasonably priced service.

Q. What is the difference between a "Meal Plan" & "Block Plan"?

A. All plans grant access to the Hoff Dining Commons. "Meal Plans" (Ultimate Muskie and 14 Meals) are based on meals per week, whereas the ?Block Plans? (225 Block, 80 Block, 40 Block & 25 Block) are based on meals per semester. Example: The 14 Meal Plan provides any 14 meals each week, whereas the 225 Block Plan provides you with 225 meals to spread out over the entire semester. (A board week begins with breakfast on Monday and ends with dinner on Sunday).

Q. How many board days are in a semester and how do the Block Plans average out?

A. The average semester is between 104 and 115 board days per semester. The 225 Block Plan averages about fourteen meals per week, the 80 Block Plan averages five meals per week, the 40 Block Meal averages three meals per week, and the 25 Block Plan averages two meals per week.

Q. Can I use my ALL Card more than once during each meal period?

A. The Ultimate Muskie, 225 Block, 80 Block, 40 Block and 25 Block Plans allow access to the Hoff Dining Commons more than once per meal period. The 14 Meal Plan allows access up to three times daily (up to the limit of meals allowable per week). One of the biggest advantages to the Ultimate Muskie plan is that it is unlimited. This means that anytime during the day, you could eat, leave, then come back and eat some more.

Q. Can I buy my friend a meal using my meal plan?

A. All Block plans allow purchases for more than one meal at a time. The weekly style plans (Ultimate Muskie and 14 Meal Plan) allow access for the meal plan holder only, however, there are an additional three guest meals added to all the Resident Plans (Ultimate Muskie, 225 Block, and 14 Meal Plan) that can be used at any time for your guest. You can always use your Dining Dollars at all on-campus eateries to purchase a friend or relative a meal as well.

Q. What are Dining Dollars and where can I use them?

A. Dining Dollars are the funds that come attached to the meal plan that you have purchased. These funds can be used to purchase food and beverage items (excluding alcohol) at all on-campus retail eateries. Your unused Dining Dollars will carry over from the fall to spring semester, but will expire at the end of the board calendar in May. The initial dining dollar allotments that comes with your fall and spring meal plans are the only time Dining Dollars will be deposited into your account. Should you run out of Dining Dollars before the end of the semester you can continue using your ALL Card for cashless payment in the on-campus retail eateries by adding monies to your X Cash flex spending account.

Q. What is the difference between Dining Dollars and X Cash?

A. Dining Dollars are included with your meal plan. X Cash is a separate, pre-paid flexible spending account that can be used at all dining facilities as well as the bookstore, campus post office, library, vending and laundry services, and is also accepted at select off-campus merchants.

Q. Can I let my friend use my ALL Card if I don't intend on eating during the meal period?

A. No, the meal plan holder must be present and possess his/her own ALL Card to gain access to the dining facilities. Anyone found attempting to use someone else's ALL Card will result in confiscation of the ALL Card with a possibility of disciplinary action.

Q. What if I lost my ALL Card or do not have it in my possession, can I still eat?

A. It is the University's policy that you carry your ALL Card with you at all times. If your card is lost or stolen, please visit http://portal.xu.edu and click on the ALL Card Account Management link on the MyXU Student Services Tab to deactivate your ALL Card. Then please come to the Xavier Dining Office to gain access to the Hoff Dining Commons. Your meal plan will be unavailable until your old card is found or replaced.

Q. I live in a residence hall and forgot to make my meal plan selection. Why does my Bursar bill show that I'm signed up for the Ultimate Muskie Plan?          

A. When you forget to make your meal plan selection, you are automatically signed up for the meal plan with the best per meal value. The Ultimate Muskie, our most popular meal plan, provides an unlimited number of meals per week that can be used in the Hoff Dining Commons and also includes $100 Dining Dollars that can be used in all on-campus retail eateries.         

Q. How do I change or cancel my plan if I find that the one I chose isn't what I need or I am no longer going to attend the University?

A. Your meal plan can only be changed during the first week of each semester. During this time, you may change your plan at the Office of Auxiliary Services or the Xavier Dining Office. After this time, only upgrades to a meal plan will be accepted. The refund policy follows the University Institutional Policy published on the Xavier University Bursar's web site www.xavier.edu/bursar.

Q. I am considering signing up for another meal plan next year. What are the benefits?

A. Having a meal plan allows you continued access to the most convenient dining options on campus.  You can grab a quick lunch between classes, or dine with your friends after class without worrying about carrying cash.  With your meal plan, you never have to worry about finding a ride to the grocery, finding time to cook, or debate whose turn it is to wash dishes.  A great meal in the heart of the Xavier community is never more than a swipe away with your meal plan.