Clinical Experience

Students in the athletic training major participate in hands-on learning experiences under the direct supervision of Certified Athletic Trainers in concert with team physicians, orthopedic physicians, physical therapists, and other allied health professionals.

During the first academic year, students are exposed to the athletic training clinical and curriculum program through classes and observation assignments. These assignments take place in the Xavier University athletic training room, during team practices, and competitions.

Students are required to complete an assigned clinical experience at Xavier University or an approved clinical site each semester following admittance into the Athletic Training Program (ATP). Assigned clinical experiences typically begin during the fall term of the student's sophomore year.

Care is taken to ensure that each student experiences an upper extremity intensive sport (Tennis, Volleyball, Baseball, or Swimming), a lower extremity intensive sport (Soccer, Basketball, or Cross-country running), and an equipment intensive sport (Football). Care is also taken to allow students opportunities to work with a Men's Team Sport (Soccer, Baseball, or Basketball), and Women's Team Sport (Soccer, Basketball or Volleyball), and an Individual Sport (Swimming, Tennis, or Cross Country).  Each student is required to spend time observing and learning in a high school setting, a rehabilitation clinic and at a general medical practice.

The following are examples of clinical sites where Xavier athletic training students have completed clinical rotations: Xavier University, University of Cincinnati-Football, Bengals Football, Cincinnati Kings Soccer, Good Samaritan Hospital, Bethesda Family Practice, St. Xavier High School, Norwood High School, Summit Country Day School, Madeira High School, Mariemont High School, and Concentra Inc.

Xavier athletic training students also spend time with Xavier team physician's during doctors office hours and while observing surgeries.