Information for Current Students

Personal Travel Policy

Each Xavier ATP student who is assigned an off-campus clinical field experience will need to provide personal transportation to and from the off-campus site. Public or personal transportation are acceptable sources for meeting this requirement, therefore, lack of a personal vehicle or driver's license will not be tolerated as an excuse for tardiness or failure to complete an off-site clinical experience.

If an ATP student uses personal transportation, he/she will be responsible for gas and maintenance for the vehicle. There will be no reimbursement for gas or mileage. The student must also carry insurance on the vehicle and therefore, in case of an accident, the University and/or the athletic training education program will not be held liable.

If public or personal transportation cannot be obtained by the athletic training student for any reason, it will be his/her responsibility to make arrangements with outside sources to arrive on time and safely at the off-campus site.

All Xavier ATP students should be aware of this policy of personal transportation. Please discuss any problems with transportation to or from an off-site clinical experience with the Clinical Education Coordinator or Program Director.