All entry-level Athletic Training majors are required to complete an application to the program during their second semester. Please note the following program admission requirements:

  • Documentation of signed Technical Standards in Athletic Training
  • Minimum grade point average of 2.75 (4.00 scale)
  • Complete at least 30 hours of core curriculum hours
  • Minimum grade of B (3.00) in ATTR 143 - Introduction to Athletic Training - or - a minimum grade of B (3.00) in ATTR 160 - Foundations of Athletic Training and a minimum grade of B (3.00) in ATTR 161 - Foundations of Athletic Training Lab.
  • Documented MMR immunizations
  • Documented Hepatitis B vaccine series (or waiver) and TB vaccine
  • Minimum 100 documented clinical observation hours through March 18th of application year  (clinical observation hours are coordinated through the Introduction to Athletic Training class)
  • Certification in American Red Cross First Aid and CPR for the professional rescuer (dated within application year)
  • Successful essay
  • Interview with Athletic Training Education Program Interview Committee (if necessary)
  • Completed admission application and supplemental materials

The admission application and supplemental materials are due on March 17th of the application year. There are no exceptions.

Formal acceptance into the Xavier University Athletic Training Program (XU-ATP) is required for participation in the clinical program. Admission into the athletic training education program is a competitive process. Completing the application requirements does not guarantee admission into the XU-ATP. The XU-ATP is bound by accreditation standards to maintain strict ratios between athletic training students and preceptors and to assure that all athletic training students can meet rigorous technical standards; it is possible that a student might fulfill the application requirements and be denied admission into the XU-ATP. The number of appointments may vary each year depending on the space available in the program. The number of students accepted in the ATP is limited by the availability of clinical facilities, approved clinical sites, and faculty. Limited admission will ensure that an appropriate student to preceptor ratio is maintained.

The above criteria will be used for admittance to the ATP. Each admission criteria has a point value associated with it. A final rating form for admission will be used to objectively measure each applicant's admission criteria only if there are more applicants than can be admitted into the program. In the event that more applicants meet the above requirements, than can be admitted into the program, those applicants with the highest point total will be accepted into the ATP. In the event that there are students with the same point total, the student with the higher GPA in the major coursework will be admitted.

Upon acceptance to the program, you will be assigned to clinical sites at Xavier University and designated affiliate clinical sites. Clinical experience rotations generally follow the academic calendar of the University. Your academic schedule will be the only limiting factor to your clinical assignments. Please note that employment or academic/athletic scholarship requirements will not waive your clinical obligations. Students are responsible for expenses of the above, and transportation to and from all clinical sites.

If you have any questions regarding the admissions policies please contact the XU-ATP Director, Dr. Tina Davlin-Pater at 745-3430.