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   Author Instructions

Writing Style

Manuscripts should be written in a conversational style and aimed at an audience that will consist mostly of practitioners. Strict adherence to APA style is only necessary for references and citations. The key to getting published in Applied HRM Research is communicating the results of well-conducted applied research in an easy-to-understand manner. Recommended manuscript length is no more than 15 double-spaced pages (not counting table, figures, and references). Brief reports of validation studies should be no more than 5 pages in length. Authors are encouraged to use tables rather than graphs or charts.

Manuscript Submission

Electronic Submission
Manuscripts can be sent electronically as attachments (Word only). Email one copy of the manuscript to appliedhrmresearch@xavier.edu. Use the phrase “Journal Submission” in the subject box and be sure to include complete contact information.

Paper Submission
Manuscripts can be sent through regular mail by sending three copies of the manuscript to:

Dr. Mark S. Nagy, Editor
Applied HRM Research
Department of Psychology
Xavier University
Cincinnati, OH 45207-6511
(513) 745-1958

Manuscript Review

Each manuscript will be reviewed by three individuals, at least one of which will be a a practitioner and one an academician. Authors will be notified by email when their manuscript is received. Normal time for review is about three months.

Reviewers will be asked to indicate whether the manuscript should be accepted as is, Accepted with Minor Revisions (e.g., copy editing, grammar issues, etc.), Accepted with Major Revisions (e.g., reorganization, additions to literature review, alternative interpretations of results), Recommend Resubmission with Improved Methodology (e.g., additional participants, use of additional measures), Probably Reject, Definitely Reject.. Common reasons for rejection include lack of suitability for the journal (e.g., topic, writing style, theoretical emphasis) and improper research design. One of the goals of Applied HRM Research is to provide a forum for constructive feedback regarding research.