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WINTER 2010 ISSUE (Volume 12, Number 1)

Survey Representativeness among Multiple Modes of Administration using Random Assignment
David C. Mohr & Mark Meterko (David C. Mohr & Mark Meterko)
Mark S. Nagy (Xavier University)
Nicholas Warren (University of Connecticut Health Center)

An Investigation of Country Differences in the Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions
Lap Luu (California State University)
Keith Hattrup (San Diego State University)

Are HR Business Partner Competency Models Effective?
Raymond Caldwell (University of London)

The Effect of Warning Against Faking on Noncognitive Test Outcomes: A field Study of Bus Operator Applicants
Joni Kuroyama (Lamorinda Consulting, LLC)
Chris W. Wright (San Francisco State University)
Todd M. Manson (Indiana University Southeast)
Chris J. Sablynski (California State University, Sacramento)

Validating Kreiner and Ashworth’s Organizational Identification Measure in an Engineering Context
Lynn Carlin (Xavier University)
Christian M. End (Xavier University)
Morell E. Mullins (Xavier University)

The Opportunity to Upload Cover Letters and Procedural Fairness Perceptions: A Time Series Analysis
Michael Horvath (Cleveland State University)

Decision Making Using Personality Assessment: Implications for Adverse Impact and Hiring Rates
Peter A. Hausdorf (University of Guelph)
Stephen D. Risavy (University of Guelph)

From Science to Practice: Seven Principles for Conducting Employment Interviews
Allen I. Huffcutt (Bradley University)