The Center for the Study of the American Dream Programs

The Center for the Study of the American Dream at Xavier University generates significant original research and survey data, and serves as a pre-eminent academic information clearinghouse on the American Dream. The Center engages in dialogue both in the classroom and in the community. The Center promotes the preservation and possibilities of the Dream in all its endeavors.

We are proud of our program offerings.
  • The Center recently conducted a National Civic Literacy Survey using the INS Naturalization Test that immigrants must pass to become US citizens. We examined the results and their implications for our democracy and the American Dream.
  • Through our partnership with the Willilams College of Business, the Center offers the American Dream Composite Index? (ADCI), a monthly quantitative index that measures how we, as a nation, are doing in terms of our American Dream. Every month, in addition to collecting our standard specific Index data, the ADCI probes further, with several follow-up snapshot questions to add to the Center's ongoing research. These Eye-Opener Results provide a unique look at a particular current aspect of the American Dream.
  • The Center has built and administers the only permanent video registration of American Dreams, through which Xavier students document American Dream stories, archiving them for posterity at the Center.
  • The Center conducts an annual State of the American Dream Survey? to gauge what the American Dream is and to whom. 
  • The Center focuses deliberate attention on the next generation of American Dreamers, providing opportunities to hear their voices through our Young American Dreamers? programs. 
  • The Center offers continued student opportunities both in and outside the classroom.
  • The Center has established the tradition of hosting important public forums and guest lectures on various public issues for the University and the community.