The American Dream Composite Index and Eye-Opener Results

The American Dream Composite Index? (ADCI) is a monthly quantitative index that measures how we, as a nation, are doing in terms of our American Dream. It is the most robust measure of American sentiment that captures the essence of  Americans? aspirations. The ADCI predicts behavior and attitudes of Americans in multiple arenas including the workplace and the economic marketplace.

Every month, in addition to collecting our standard specific Index data, the American Dream Composite Index? probes further, with several follow-up snapshot questions to add to the Center's ongoing research. These "eye-opening" snapshots provide a unique look at a particular current aspect of the American Dream.

Some of our past eye-openers include:


April 2012 | Civic Literacy

Immigrants are expected to pass a civic literacy test. Do you think all Americans should be able to pass that test?


January 2012 | Importance of College and Maintaining a Middle Class Life

When I look at my friends, family and neighbors, I think that for most of them maintaining a "middle class life" in America, compared to 5 or 6 years ago, is:

December 2011 | Importance of College and Concerns about Debt  

A college degree is the best way for me to ensure a middle-class life.


November 2011 | Distrust and Technology

Is the Presidential campaign relevant to your American Dream?

Have elected officials lost sight of the American Dream?


September 2011 | Homeownership

Is it acceptable for a homeowner to simply walk away from his/her mortgage and choose a "strategic foreclosure" in today's economy, even if the homeowner is able to meet his/her financial obligations?



76.9% Yes 
23.1% No



64% More Difficult 
34% About the Same 

2% Easier


65% Yes



35% No


25% Yes
75% No

81% Yes
19% No



25% Yes 
75% No


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