Student Opportunities

The Center for the Study of the American Dream offers a growing variety of opportunities for our students--both inside and outside the classroom. We offer our first for-credit Senior Seminar, as well as paid, supervised internships. We support an annual scholarship program and a newly established fellowship program. Each opportunity gives students the chance to further their understanding of the American Dream while at the same time encouraging them to explore their own. For more details, click below.


Every semester, the Center employs student interns to work exclusively on the Permanent American Dream Video Archive. Created to share family stories as well as to inspire the next American Dreamers, the Archive offers our interns access to professional training and equipment and develops state-of-the-art new media, social marketing, video editing and interviewing skills. In the past year, our interns have traveled to New York, Las Vegas, and Chicago to interview entrepreneurs, public servants, and nonprofit leaders...More

Gilligan Public Service Scholarships

The Gilligan Public Service Scholarship was established to honor the public service legacy of former Ohio Governor John J. Gilligan. Two scholarships are awarded annually to Xavier students who demonstrate their commitment to public service. There is a long history of the Gilligan family at Xavier. The Governor's father was Xavier's first men's basketball coach and was one of the six initial lay member of the University's Board of Trustees. After returning from WWII, Governor Gilligan took his first job teaching literature at the University...More

Classroom Opportunities

The Center for the Study of the American Dream is proud to announce that Dr. Roger Fortin will teach a newly-established Senior Seminar in the Fall 2012 about the history of the American Dream. Dr. Roger Fortin, Professor of History and Historian of the Center, continues his research on the historical concept of the American Dream, conceived in the imagination of sixteenth and seventeenth-century Western Europeans who looked to America for greater individual freedom and liberty and as a land that offered more opportunities...More

Politics & Policy Fellowships

The newly established Politics & Policy Fellowship Program at Xavier offers experiential learning opportunities to Xavier student interested in a future in politics and public policy. The Fellowship Program is a student-run group advised by the Center for the Study of the American Dream and Dr. Mack Mariani from XU's Political Science Department...More