Xavier welcomes contributions of time and talent as much as it does treasure. Our Enrollment Ambassador program has 250 volunteers who speak with accepted students and their parents to share their experience at Xavier and encourage them to enroll. Those who are contacted are over 50 percent more likely to enroll. There are also opportunities to offer your Faith and Service through Xavier's Jesuit community.

Enrollment Ambassador

The Enrollment Ambassador program relies on alumni and parents of current Xavier students to assist the University's outreach efforts to high school seniors. Those contacted by ambassadors during our spring semester calling campaign are nearly twice as likely to attend Xavier as those who do not receive such personal attention.

Faith and Service

Continue the Xavier tradition of faith and service. Xavier's students and alumni are actively engaged in the Greater Cincinnati community through seminars, service learning experiences or community service activities.



Give a student the gift of your expertise - volunteer to be a mentor.  Xavier's nationally known Mentor Program has matched more than 2,150 students with experienced executives and career professionals.  Mentors act as a guide on the student's path to graduation and their career.  By donating just one hour of your time per month, you can change lives.  All you need is 5 years work experience post-bachelor degree and a desire to help.  Join Now!