Student Alumni Association (SAA)

The vision of the Student Alumni Association (SAA) is to spearhead student philanthropy projects that help to bring campus wide understanding of the importance of service and giving back to the Xavier community in accordance with the Jesuit ideals and education that students and alumni value so highly. As a group, the SAA values giving back not only to the Xavier community but also the surrounding communities. The Jesuit education teaches us all to live a life of service and solidarity. SAA values the idea of applying these Jesuit teachings back to the community that gave them.

Visit the Student Alumni Association website to learn more.

A Message to Current Students

We are looking for energetic, dedicated students who exhibit XU pride. If you would like to be involved in a club that allows you to go out into the community, but still keep ties with campus life, SAA is the club for you. Look for our booth at Club Day on the Mall each year in September. You can stop by and ask questions, meet current members, and pick up an application. Membership is competitive and interviews are held shortly after Club Day.